The Future House / Belgium / Semi-public house

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO


The Future House

Completion : May 2019

Location : Gent, Belgium

Area : 480m2

Program : Spa / Yoga room / Tea room / 2 Appartments

Architect : Wim Goes Architectuur, Gent

Architect : Sugiberry, Brussels

Textile design : Van Hongo

Photo : Maxime Delvaux

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO


Textile :

Van Hongo original jacquard textile (SS2017 Collection)

Until this arcthitecture becomes their final residence someday, the owner couple want to rent it. They planned a spa salon, yoga room, tea ceremony room and two apartments inside. Originally the architect wanted to use textile for the surface of sliding door panels for better acoustic.

The architect thought that textiles could lead or dominate the space, and he expected textiles could enlighten the heavy space by the bricks and burned earth floor.

We decided to use our original textile developed for the Van Hongo SS2017 collection. Glossy gold and mat cotton yarns’ abstract patterns bring 3-dimensional depth despite being 2-dimensional textile. The interior materials, marble and floor, have also been changed to the matching color with this textile.

2020- © VAN HONGO