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Van Hongo Designer


Izumi Hongo本郷いづみ

Artist/designer Izumi Hongo was born in Tokyo and based in Antwerp. After obtaining her Masters at fashion department, Royal Academy Antwerp and at architecture department, Waseda University, she started her own fashion brand Van Hongo and opened atelier-shop in Antwerp in 2011. Since 2017, she has beem engaging in the textile design for architectural projects and recent years, she is more into the artistic installation by her special textiles.

‘Texture and structure’ is the main thema of her creation. The fact that she originally completed architecture education, is reflected in her cross-over creation beyond the boundaries between fashion and architecture. By developing the original yarns, textiles and knitting/weaving techniques together with the manufactories mainly in Japan and Belgium, she keeps realizing her innovative and unique designs and building up the cross-over networks.



Van Hongo Gallery

5 Aalmoezenierstraat 2000 Antwerp Belgium



Van Hongo Office

31 Prins Albertlei 2600 Antwerp Belgium

+32 494 83 93 23

2020- © VAN HONGO

Art Projects

2021 Space Knitting 1, Geukens & De Vil, Antwerp BE

2021 Curtain of Hope, Antwerp BE


Fashion Projects

Presenting new SS and AW collection in Paris and Tokyo every season

2019 Défilé during Tunis Fashion week, TU

2016 Costume for Manneken-pis, Belgium-Japan 150year friendship, Brussels BE

2013 Défilé for 50year Belgium-Japan Chamber of Commerce Association, Brussels BE

2013 “50years of Antwerp Fashion Academy” exhibition, MOMU BE

2013 Défilé and exhibition, Design block, Prague Fashion week, CZ

2012 Presentation during the Business of Design Week Hong Kong, HK

2012 Presentation in the Fashion Museum, Hasselt BE

2011 “ART and Fashion” exhibition, Wolfsburg Art Museum, Wolfsburg DE

2010 Winner for the 3rd New Designers Award by Japan Fashion Week, JP

2010 “Culture Couture” exhibition, Tropen Museum, Amsterdam NL

2007 “Antwerp Fashion” exhibition, Flemish Parliament, Brussels BE


Architecture Projects

2020 Curtain design, Kuroiso City Library, Tochigi JP

2019 Knitted interior fabric R&D project, Japan

2019 Textile design for panels and curtain, The Future House, Gent BE


2017- Start interior-textile design for architectural projects

2011- Start 'Van Hongo'

2010 MA at Fashion Department Royal Academy of Fine Art, Antwerp Belgium

2001-2005 Hakuhodo Advertisement Agency, Tokyo Japan

2001 MA of Architect, Waseda University, Tokyo Japan

2020- © VAN HONGO