Space Knitting 1 / Belgium / Knitted panels for acoustic

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO


Space Knitting 1

Completion : June 2021

Location : Antwerp, Belgium

Program : Knitted panels for acoustic

Textile and Panel design : Van Hongo

Photo : Wes Nijssen, Izumi Hongo

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO

2020- © VAN HONGO


Textile :

Van Hongo original layered lace knit

Space Knitting 1 is about knitted panels with an acoustic function. Space Knitting is a continuous project comprised of functional and aesthetic knitted materials.

The designer, Izumi Hongo studied fashion, in Antwerp and architecture, in Tokyo. She is specialized in knitting and textile design. In recent years, she has been designing textile for architectural projects. Since she began to be involved in architectural projects, she has been concentrating on developing and researching on how to utilise knitting as an interior material.

She believes that by using knitting's flexibility, lightness and 3-dimensional construction, there has to be another possibility, for developing textile physically and functionally and so has continued testing her knitted archives in the laboratory for various functionalities.

Meanwhile she noticed that Belgians care a lot about acoustics in their living spaces. The reason for this could be that Belgian houses are made primary of stone and glass, that tend to reflect sound. Unfortunately, at this moment in time interior options for acoustic are very limited. We only find technical acoustic panels or curtains, both look too heavy or too dull or are too technical.

Her aim is to create light and transparent acoustic panels. That is why she chose her layered-lace knitting for the fabric. Although this lace is very transparent and light, thanks to its construction and its air layer in between, it can enhance the acoustic level. By hanging these panels on the wall like a painting or allowing them to lean against a wall, the complexity of the surface will seduce you, to look at the work more in detail. By doing so, you will notice the 3D structure and depth theybring into interior.

Sound labo test 1
Sound labo test 2
Sound labo test 3


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