Curtain of Hope / Belgium / Public textile installation

2021- © VAN HONGO


Curtain of Hope

Completion : March 2021

Location : Bicycle parking, Antwerp, Belgium

Area : 100m2

Program : Public textile installation

Installation design : Van Hongo

Production : Rapid Media

Photo & Movie : Wes Nijssen, Izumi Hongo

2021- © VAN HONGO


2021- © VAN HONGO

2021- © VAN HONGO

2021- © VAN HONGO


Textile :

Gold and Silver tule

Izumi Hongo, the graduate of the academy Antwerpen of mode, is a fashion, knitting and interior textile designer based in Antwerp. She also studied architecture in Tokyo before she settled in Antwerp. She was looking for the opportunity to expose her creation between fashion and architecture, and luckily she got the chance to do it by her public installation.

For the moment of covid19, she wants to create a big textile floating in the open air. When the curtain, should be inside the home, comes outside of the home, it gives the fresh surprise and shows the relief from enclosure.

We hope that it gives the opppotunity to look up the sky during the peoples strolls in the city day and night during the lockdown moment.

1st model
2nd model

2021- © VAN HONGO